Play Slot Machines

19th February 2017, 18:20

Learning and playing slot machines is considered relatively very easy and the rules governing slot machines are equally simple.

Slots Rules Overview

Slots have been played for over 100 years and many people have some ideas of what is slot is all about or possibly how it is played and how to win slots. Many people have therefore found it easy to play slot machines online because they already have some idea about it. Slots rules remain as simple as they were since inception and only the machines have been advanced to make the play much easier. There are therefore varied slot machines each with small variations on how you can play on them but this information is usually written on the slot machines’ pay table as a guideline.

To play slot machines is as simple as inserting coins in specified pay lines and spinning the reels either by pulling some handle or pushing some button whichever option is applicable. You then have to wait for the reels to stop to see if you have a winning combination and the pay table has a chart which will guide to understand how much payout you are entitled to depending on the pay lines and amounts betted.

3 Reel Slots Rules

You need to obtain a specified combination of symbols to win a slot game on any given pay line as well as understand slot machine technology. Three reel slot machines may have as many as five pay lines one at the top, in the middle, at the bottom, left diagonal and right diagonal. If the winning combination comes on a pay line you did not bet on then you do not win even though you were playing on that machine.

5 Reel Slots Rules

A 5 reel slot machine may come with as many as nine pay lines which significantly increases your betting options and or winning opportunities. You only win if there is a winning combination on any pay line and if you had actually placed a bet on that pay line. Slot machines are usually set in such a manner that higher pay lines which also require higher bets pay out more frequently than pay lines which require lower bets. If the machine is connected to a progressive jackpot then it will also require a minimum bet to get activated and for you to play for a jackpot.

Bonus Slot Rules

Usually it is the middle pay line which has bonus pay out option but you may be entitled to additional bonus payment if the specific line you betted on indicates a bonus.

Megaspin Slots Rules

Megaspin slots is comparable to playing multiple games on three reel slots. A standard megaspin slot game has three reels slot each with its own pay line which translates to six winning chances in one game.

Slot Machines, in which Way One Can Beat Them?

Beating a slot machine online needs some practice and choosing a right progressive game with affordable highest stakes. It is important, since you should place the biggest possible bet in order to compete for a jackpot.