Progressive Slot Machines

19th February 2017, 18:29

Progressive slot machines allow players to play for progressive jackpots at the same time as they play for the usual winning combination.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slot MachinesProgressive slot machines are always indicated as such and the value of the jackpot at any particular time is prominently displayed on the slot machine. In some cases the progressive jackpot slot machine can be a solitary machine as happens in some land based casinos while other progressive slot machines are networked as is the case with all online progressive slot machines.

Progressive slot machines often require a minimum amount of bet for you to qualify for the full amount of the jackpot. They also require a minimum bet just to get the machine activate the progressive jackpot option. The pay schedule or pay out table on every slot machine carries all the important information you need to know about progressive jackpots and you only need to read carefully. It is always important to read all information carefully to understand them especially where you have to play with money and how to beat slot machines. You need to know the rules both to play by them and to make the best of the opportunities they offer.

Types of Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpots are built by certain percentages taken from each game entered into the jackpot that plays but does not win. This is the reason why the jackpot grows with each unsuccessful play until one day the machine hits a winning combination for a lucky player. So far there exists three types of progressive slot machines.

Stand Alone Progressive Slot – Stand alone progressive slot machines offer the lowest progressive jackpots compared to others. This machines are like other ordinary slot machines save for the fact that the jackpot they offer are not flat top or predetermined but is built up as players try their chances on the specified machine. It has a meter which clearly indicates the jackpot amounts as play progresses.

In-House Progressive Slots or proprietary progressive slots usually involve a group of slot machines which are owned by one proprietor and are networked in house as the name suggests. The machines may be located in a single casino or different casinos operated by the same owner or owners but linked by networking means. They have better payouts than the stand alones and pay quite more often.

Wide Area Progressive Slots
are also called linked slots as they link many unrelated casinos. They have the highest jackpot amounts given the large number of players involved and you can meet free slot machines there. They are usually organized by the gaming software providers in conjunction with various casinos involved in the game. The gaming software companies do share the profits with the casinos.

Progressive slots on the whole offer better prospects for winning as you would be playing for winning combination symbol besides the jackpot.

Slot Machines, in which Way One Can Beat Them?

Beating a slot machine online needs some practice and choosing a right progressive game with affordable highest stakes. It is important, since you should place the biggest possible bet in order to compete for a jackpot.