Recent Innovation in Gambling

19th February 2017, 18:17

Like many things in these modern times, gambling has also benefited from great innovations. The innovations have turned around the way that people place bets and the way that casino games are played. Here are a few gambling innovations that have brought significant change to the gambling industry.

Live Bitcoin casinos

The Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to pay for goods and services online. It is primarily found in data form although there are physical forms of Bitcoins available. When using it online, you use e- wallets such as Coinbase and My Wallet to enable you use it as currency. To obtain Bit coins, you need to trade another type of currency for it. Alternatively you may trade goods or services to people with Bitcoins to obtain this digital currency from them.

The Bitcoin has fast garnered popularity as a preferred online currency. This innovation is now being used in online casinos, in gambling establishments aptly named Bitcoin casinos. These casinos offer the same games that are offered by regular casinos, with the focus being that they deal with bit coins only.

There are certain casino games with their Bitcoin versions such as Bitcoin Roulette and Bitcoin Video Poker among others. These games only require the use of Bitcoins as currency. This currency is virtually untraceable, and this is the main benefit of using them. They also have a short waiting time when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, compared to other forms of payment.

Mobile casinos

The movement of casino games from land casinos to the internet has extended to the mobile phones. This allows gamblers to access casino games from their iOS and Android phones. These platforms allow gamblers to access free games and casino games, as well. They offer games such as video slots, roulette games and table games. These games are made available to gamblers through their mobile browser wherever they are. This is a great innovation for gamblers that enjoy casino games, but lack the time to do it. They can play them on transit to work while having lunch or while waiting for a client just as long as they have their mobile phone with them.

Live sports betting

This type of betting allows gamblers to bet on games that are in progress. This innovation replaced the past form of sports betting that required pre-match betting. This form of betting required wagers to be placed before the start of the game. This means that you can be watching the game and make a bet while it continues. Of course, some sports such as race betting require that you place a bet before the shooting of the starting gun, but now a large number of sports events like tennis and football can be used in live sports betting.

This form of betting has brought a new dimension to sports betting because it raises the probability of winning, especially if you are paying attention to the game and have experience in sports outcomes. For example, an injury to a player or an expulsion can change your vision of the game and with live sports betting you can change your wager to something that you think is favorable.

These are some of the recent innovations in gambling that have increased its popularity among gamblers.

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