Town Pump, Montana Based Chain of Motels, Casinos and Truck Stops

19th February 2017, 18:10

Town Pump takes its beginning in Montana back in 1953. It started as a small firm that provided different services and the last twenty years it has been known as a chains of motels, quick services, delis, casinos, car washed, gaming establishments and laundromats.

It is working in 52 cities in Montana State. Its staff exceeds 2,500 people. Their business of car washing started over 25 years ago. As for the Town Pump casinos, they offer Bonus Keno, Lucky Lil’s Bonus Keno, Magic Diamond, Miner’s Treasure Keno and Frost ‘n’ Fire Keno.

Another attraction to the gamblers is complimentary food that includes beverages and snacks. At some places it is even bakery and deli sandwiches.

They added another service in 1994. It is propane service. They deliver fuel to homes and businesses in the entire state. And also they sell water heaters, ranges, stoves, dryers, and barbecues.

They also have an established charity foundation that has worked since 1999. Its mission is to provide financial support to other charity and governmental organization. Their priority is to meet basic needs and education of the Montana people.

1999 Montanan’s of the 20th Century is the award that Tom Kenneally Sr. received. He is recognized as one of the most influential citizens of Montana in the 20th century.

2000 Outstanding Business Benefactor of the Year Award. The company received this award from the Red Cross for helping in the Montana Wildfire Relief Effort.

(1992 – 2006) Conoco Image Excellence Award. It is a recognition of constant maintaining the standards of image excellence given for the appearance, customer service and products.

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